Some reliable sources of information related to your taxes
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Internal Revenue Service

IRS home page
The primary source for all federal tax information.
Where's My (Federal) Refund?
Quick link to check the status of your federal refund.
Frequently Asked Tax Questions and Answers
Current answers directly from the IRS.
Local IRS offices nationwide
Where and how to contact local agents for face-to-face help.
IRS Telephone Assistance
Phone numbers for live assistance with a variety of federal tax questions.
Tax scams — How to Recognize and Avoid Them
How not to try to reduce your taxes.
How Do You Report Suspected Tax Fraud Activity?
What to do if something seems not right.
IRS Phone Scams (PDF)
Some pointers on what should sound not right.

Social Security Administration

Social Security home page
The primary source for all Social Security information.

State of Michigan

Department of Treasury
Overview of Michigan tax information.
Where's My (State) Income Tax Refund?
Access your state tax information online.

City of Lansing

Treasury and Income Tax Office
Information on Lansing property and income taxes.